Development discontinued

AppDF Project News

This is a sad day in the open Android ecosystem. On 20 August 2015, the team of One Platform Foundation announced that they are not able to continue the development of the AppDF project.

Started at the barcamp of droidconLondon 2010 by Mark Murphy 1, there was a discussion about ownership of app meta data, there was a mailing list and finally, there was the AppDF project to standardize app meta data, mainly driven by Yandex and

The results of the project are still valid and usable, e.g. through the editor. However, the tools are lacking integration in the development process, at least for indie developers.

In contrast to the meta data definition of F-droid, the AppDF format is much more adapted to overcome the differences between app store requirements. F-droid focuses more on the representation of the app in general.

What does it mean for the ecosystem? App owners do not care anymore about their app meta data? App owners settle with Google Play as the single place of distribution and the use of the Google Play Developer API? You should step up and help to make app meta data open and publicly available.

[1] see blog post