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Authenticate and Authorize with Hodl token › Proof of Hodl on Speed Spend
Handling digital assets › Contract Calls on Speed Spend
Marketplace for NFTs on Stacks Blockchain › Monsters on Speed Spend
Web app to learn Stacks development › Introduction to Speed Spend
While App Mining is Paused › App Curation
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Blockstack Legends to support app developement › Payments with Blockstack
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Bridging Web and Android › OI Calendar Sync
Enriched Notifications › OI Calendar and SpringRole collaboration
OI Chat launched today › Getting Rid of Passwords
OI apps embrace user-owned storage › Giving Internet Permission
Installing PWAs › What we know about WebApks
Some more facts › What we can do more about Android
First Hackathon › Galileo Impact Award
Examples › Google and the Open Android Ecosystem
Migrating to Espresso › Updating Tests for File Manager
Encrypted notes went missing › Permissions across Android versions
Development discontinued › AppDF Project News
droidcon London 2014 - Barcamp › Web Wishes, Intents, etc.
7 successful projects › GSoC Wrap
Campus Party, Berlin, 21-26 August › OpenIntents coding session
Collaboration started › OI Notepad and Box OneCloud apps
OpenIntents selected › Google Summer of Code 2012
Published on Google OS blog › Our experience with Google Summer of Code
Google Summer of Code 2011 › OpenIntents selected
droidcon Berlin 2011 › Hidden Treasures: Open Android Apps
droidcon Berlin 2011 › Ronan Schwarz speaks about AOSP
International Congress of Youth Enterpreneurship › Google Workshop
Friedger Müffke's expertise included › Security Report by ENISA
Included in listing › Heise suggests OI Safe as clever app (German)
"Fashion & Beauty" › OI Shopping List included in Sprint ID
Top 25 Apps for Health Professionals and Heise Online (German) › OI Filemanager publicly listed
Choosing the right name › How much Star Wars is Android?
OpenIntents contributed › 5th edition of "Mobile Developer's Guide To The Galaxy"
droidcon Berlin 2010 › Friedger Müffke on (German) Radio and Television
droidcon Berlin 2010 - Barcamp › Dependency Manager
Google I/O 2010 › OpenIntents discussed during fireside chat with Android team
Ten Essential Android Apps on Reghardware › OI Filemanager listed
MotoDev Webinar › OpenIntents mentioned as a place to contribute components
T-Mobile TopApps › OI Safe shortlisted
Achieved! - THANK YOU!! › OI Shopping List - we want 250.000 downloads
Mobile Monday Developer day in Düsseldorf › OpenIntents and Dependency Manager
Fosdem Droidcon Brussels
OpenIntents included › Partner 2010 for Open Source in Berlin (Germany)
droidcon London 2009 › Supporting droidcon
Get involved › Discussions about open intents
Nominated › ADC2: DroidSpray in Top20 Entertainment apps
droidcon Berlin 2009 › Open and Reusable Apps
LinuxTag, Berlin › Android talk
A2D2, Austria › OpenIntents talk
Smartphone Entwickler › German blog about OpenIntents registry
Ignite 5 Portland › Isaac Potoczny-Jones explains Intents and Open Intents Project
Published › OpenIntents application in the Android Market
Winning › ADC1: Top50 prize for SplashPlay
Online › New website
Frandroid › French blog about OpenIntents Registry