OpenIntents is a community effort


Small or big, everything will help.

  1. Send pull requests with new Intents specifications and create issues for existing ones.
  2. Explain Android developers about the advantages of the intent system.
  3. Publish apps that offer and use intents.
  4. Support OpenIntents with your contribution in code, donations, communication.
  5. Talk to app store providers like Google Play, Amazon, Yandex about the importance of dependency management.

Write and Edit Intent Protocol Specifications

The README on Github contains a detailed description how the specification looks like and how to create new specifications.


To support the ongoing development of our project, we would gratefully welcome any amount for donation.

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There is a lot to do, and so far we are only a small core team of developers. All code is on Github.

Translation of OI Apps

You can easily help to translate the OI application into your language. Please visit OpenIntents translation project at Launchpad to help add new translations through a simple web form.