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Thank you for your interest in OpenIntents. There are several ways you can help our project.

Support and promotion

Participate in the forum discussions. Help to answer questions of other users. Spread the word about OpenIntents - write about it in your blogs or discuss it in forums.


You can easily help to translate the OI application into your language. Please visit OpenIntents translation project at Launchpad to help add new translations through a simple web form.


To support the ongoing development of our project, we would gratefully welcome any amount for donation.

Donate in US dollar (US$):

Donate in Euro (€):

Donate in Bitcoins:
OpenIntent's Bitcoin Address:



There is a lot to do, and so far we are only a small core team of developers. Contact us if you want send in patches or join our team. You can find us at


We would need help to keep our documentation up-to-date. Let us know if you spot any typos or inconsistencies. Contact us if you want to help to expand our documentation.

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