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OI Countdown

The OpenIntents Countdown for Androidâ„¢ notifies you after a specified amount of time.

Download: Countdown-1.1.1.apk


The following extensions are available:

  • Launch arbitrary applications or shortcut at the end of a countdown.
  • OI About to display version information, links, credits, and license information.

* Set a countdown by specifying duration or date.
* Be notified by vibration or selectable sound.
* Start an unlimited number of named timers simultaneously.

Set a timer, give it a name, and specify ringtone and vibration for the notification.

Once the countdown has started, you can modify or stop the countdown. If you modify the countdown, the original interval is restored after the countdown finishes.

Manage an unlimited number of named countdowns. A notification is shown in the status bar when the countdown finished. You can work with other applications in the meantime.

Release notes

release: 1.1.1
date: 2011-02-05
- new application icon for Android 2.0 or higher.
- support Android 2.3.
- translations into various languages.

release: 1.1.0
date: 2009-07-05

- Increase maximum duration from 24 hours to 100000 days.
- Alternatively set countdown through due date.
- Set shortcut or automation task when countdown is done.
- Shortcuts (and applications) are launched either
through the notification or directly.
- New automation tasks to start or stop a specific
- Auto-turn off alarm after a certain period
that can be adjusted in the settings.
- Use ringer volume stream for sound.
- Fix vibrate only notification.
- Light notification.

release: 1.0.1
date: 2008-11-11

- Include Start button on list of countdowns.

release: 1.0.0
date: 2008-11-07

- First public release on Android SDK 1.0.

- Create several countdowns.
- Each countdown can have separate title, ringtone
and vibration.
- Notification pops up when countdown has finished.

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