Registry of intents protocols

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This is a list of intents that can be implemented or called by activities. View all fields. Add a new intent protocol.

Title Description
Access to e-mails provided by Messages application
API for printing from Android Applications
Audio Volume Update Notification Broadcast
Big Red Button Pressed
Bind to SSH Agent service
Bluetooth Device Picker
Bluetooth Watch (Button press)
Bluetooth Watch (Display text)
Browse File/Folder (Jump To)
Capture an image
Charting API TeeChart
Check for Update
Color category
Connect host
Count pages of a PDF file
Create shortcut
Delete data
Dial a number
Edit collection
Edit data
Edit Images with Mobile 1.1 Editor
Edit item
Edit name (of collections, items, ...)
Edit title
Enter Habitat
Environmental measurement
Flickr photo
Flickr stream
Get content
Insert data
launch gallery view of IP Cam Viewer
launch matrix view of IP Cam Viewer
Launch of X server
List all applications
Pay money
Pick a date
Pick activity
Pick an event
Pick Color
Pick data
Pick directory
Pick file
Pick folder
Playback Music
Plot Data
Print Image
Record a new financial transaction
Record sound
Remote Intents
Remote messaging
Remote View
Render pages of a PDF file
Reserve/Book a table
Resolve unresolved intents
Ringmode Control
Ringtone picker
Save SIP Call
Save WebSMS
Scan a QR code
Search book contents
Select a Document
Send a message to the given uri
Send data to someone
Send Twitter Message
Set wallpaper
Share (through QR code)
Show about dialog
Show GPS Status
Show radar
Sound Control
Split the screen to show two applications
Start GTalkSMS service and try to establish a connection.
Tag data
User Info Chooser
Vibration Control
View data
Volume Control
Web Intents "Discover" protocol
Web search