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OI Notepad - big success

Our latest application, the OpenIntents Notepad has been downloaded from the Android Market over 10,000 times in less than 24 hours. It has already surpassed our other applications, the OI News Reader, the OI Shopping list, and the OI Flashlight. We have seen over 200 comments in the Market, ranging from "I love you" to "where can I donate". Well - we love you, too, and you can donate here (since you asked... :-) ).

But more important is that you like our applications. We constantly try to improve them, so if you have found bugs, have feedback, comments, or suggestions for new features, we'd love to hear about that in our forum.

Have fun with the apps, and remember to check back frequently, as we still have some goodies in our pipeline.


By using OI NotePad with emulator, is it possible to send note. If so what is process , if anybody have suggession reply me.
I am doing that it says "No application available for sending" What is mean by application.


Echoing a comment I saw in the forum, it seems like the current version of OI Notepad implicitly assumes you'll have only a small number of notes, the text of which will be quite short.

The list of notes is just a one-dimensional in a big font, so that as the list gets long, you're going to do a lot of scrolling. It'd be nice to have the option of using a smaller font to fit more of the list on-screen, and to have either a hierarchical tree view, or at least something like the Categories available on PalmOS. On my Treo, I've got about 120 notes, and I can get to most of them in two taps (category select, then individual note from the relatively short list in that category). On the current OI Notepad, it'd be a pain to scroll from Aardvark Care to Zamboni Operating Instructions.

The font used to display each note is smaller than the file list, but again, with the G1's high-resolution screen it'd be nice to at least have the option of going smaller to get more of a long note on-screen.

I think a good notepad App is a critical need for Android, and I salute you for stepping up and polishing the sample app. Hope you'll consider these suggestions, and good luck!

Thanks for your feedback. Many people have requested smaller font sizes and categories for notes, so we will add them in a future version. It simply takes time to code all the functionality, since we do this in our spare time. (We are always happy about a small donation if you like our apps :-) ).