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OI Shopping list feature requests

Here's some feature requests from the T-mobile forum:

For Shopping List a skin/wallpaper that looks like the front of a fridge.. weird but cool. I would like to see the interface tuned up a little, the main page lacks something, the items area once they are added needs to be sized down a little, kinda like a real piece of paper with more lines on it.

Besides what's mentioned above I say that both apps are off to a great start, options are a lovely thing.. and by that I meant that the other programs that offer similar features just don't cut it.. keep up the good work.

On your website it looks like the shopping list had some sharing functions... was that feature pulled? Seems like a great idea!

Also, I already have my shopping lists stored in outlook as notes and would like to be able to import them without having to type them up again. The ability to import/export from CSV for backup as well as sending as an attachment would be most excellent.
Can you rename Shopping List to just "Lists"?


Hi! I have really been digging the Shopping list and wanted to throw in my initial ideas for new features. in rough priority order:
1) Ability to "lock" an item from cleanup. This way you can have sticky things that are always on your list until you unlock them.
2) Ability to sort, alpha, date added, maybe date last checked/purchased?
3) Ability to change capitalization setting

Pie in the sky feature:
tie items to multiple lists (could have vinegar on both Safeway and Walgreens lists)

I'm sure I'll come up with more, but that's it for now. Thanks again for the great app.

Hi! Thanks for your great suggestions! Locking an item seems like a neat and doable idea.
What exactly do you mean by capitalization settings?

"apple" -> "APPLE" or "Apple"?

Regarding "tie items to multiple lists": You would like a feature, so that checking/removing an item in one list will automatically check/remove it in the other? But probably in other cases one would not like items to be automatically linked? So probably there would have to be a special command "Link item to another list"...


Yes, I also like the idea of locking, I was sort of wanting something like this for those grocery items I tend to get every week or every other week.

I agree, I really think a sorting feature would be useful. At least alpha. I find it difficult to find items on a list because they are sorted by entry order. Other than that, great app!

I originally posted the CSV import/export suggestion above. Wanted to see what the ETA is as to when it will possibly make it to a new version.

I have a lot of existing lists that I would like to import into the app and I don't want to enter each of them in manually so it's keeping me from using it in it's current form.

Rather than looking out for another app I'd prefer to use yours and would be willing to beta test a pre-release if it would help get it out sooner!

Thanks for your feedback! A nice CSV import / export would require a file browser with standard open / save dialogs. While we are planning to do that, it may take some time.

For now, we may implement a "functionality first" version as a plug-in that would allow you to import the first column of a csv file, but until we have the open dialog intent, you will have to enter the path to the csv file manually, like "/sdcard/mylist.csv".

If you can live with that, we could try to implement that quickly. Otherwise you have to wait until we have the OI file browser :-)


Thanks for the response! Having to specify a file name would be nice but it's doesn't seem absolutely necessary. How about just avoiding the dialog box altogether and having it scan for /sdcard/import.csv file on startup if it exists and then auto-delete it once it's imported. An export option would just dump all lists to export.csv on the SD card. In theory someone could export all entries, edit them in excel and then do a clear-all on the device and import the updated lists.

This would open the app up for advanced list users like myself who have 20+ lists i'd like to import and have handy.

How would you like your lists to appear in csv? I don't know if there is a standard way to include several lists in one csv file?

                      << empty line separates lists


list1, apple, banana, orange
list2, car, plane


list1, list2
apple, car
banana, plane

Would you like the checked state to be saved as well?

list1, checked
apple, 0
banana, 1
orange, 0

list2, checked
car, 1
banana, 0

Alternatively, one could think of an xml format for lists? (Is there a simple existing xml format for multiple lists that excel can import/export?)


The following CSV format works great in Excel (with no tweaking) and also can be imported directly into Outlook as "Tasks".

Subject,% Complete,Categories

Looks good.
Can you send me your email address, so that I can send you an alpha version? (you could use for example the contact link above).