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OI Update

Manages update information of applications.

Screenshots and download: OI Update

Lists version information of all mananged applications and allows to check for new versions.

The version check for all these applications can be performed periodically or on user request. If performed periodically the user is informed via the notification bar about new versions. If a new version is available the user can initiate the update process as defined by the developer of the application e.g. check Android Market, or go to the application web site. It is also possible to get a reminder later, ignore this update or ignore all further updates of the application.

Notifications are shown only once per 24 hours.

Application with package name prefix "android", "" and those without a version name or version code are not managed by the updater.

Developers have the choice to use the version information on or to provide an url to the version info file by providing the following meta-data in the application node of the manifest:

    <meta-data android:name="org.openintents.updatechecker.UPDATE_URL"
                       android:value="url to version file" />

The version file can be either

  • a VeeCheck xml file or
  • a plain text file consisting of three lines:
    version code number
    application id on Android Market
    comment about the update

    (see example)

(Note: the application id in the plain text file is currently not used and can be a random number. The link to the Market is created from the package name).