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OI Countdown

Countdown and notify after a specified amount of time.

Screenshots and download: OI Countdown

* Set a countdown by specifying hours, minutes, and seconds.
* Be notified by vibration or selectable sound.
* Start an unlimited number of named timers simultaneously.


If you are going to copy a timer app you may wish to change it slightly from the one you copied it from. This timer app is basically an exact copy of mine down to the look and feel of the interface and the available features. If I didnt know better I would suspect reverse engineering of my code.

I was not aware of your countdown application when I coded the OI countdown. Any similarity is either pure coincidence, or due to the fact that there are not so many different ways to implement a basic countdown... Our source code is available, so I'm happy that in the meantime we could clarify by email that this was indeed coincidence...


Love the app. It would be really cool if you could extend it to

a) link timers -- when one timer expires the next (linked) timer should automatically start
b) define how long the alarm notification will be sounded. Perhaps just spoecify a repetition count

These are very good suggestions! I have added them to our internal list of feature requests.


Use this app for a few days now and love it!
I use this app for timing yoga sessions when I'm "on the road", changing posture every ten minutes.
So, it would be very cool if this app had a setting to repeat a specific countdown until the user stops it.
10 minutes - "Alarm" for a second - 10 minutes - repeat until stopped :)

Shouldn't be too much of a hassle, is it?

Cheers /Carsten

Have you tried the following?

* Set action > Automation tasks > OI Countdown
* Select action: Start countdown.
* Select countdown: select the same countdown that you are editing.

Now the countdown should start automatically as soon as it is over.

Let me know if this works satisfactorily.