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General feature requests, esp Shopping Lists, Notepad, Text Edit.

First, thanks to everyone behind Open Intent. I love your approach and your Android software so far is nearly all best in class. Now, my requests. ;)

Shopping Lists:
-I agree: rename as just "Lists." Keep in mind that most features can be utilized for more than just shopping, and as long as the features are programmed with that in mind, it keeps the program more versatile and useful for users.
-I also agree: make font size smaller and minimize vertical space between items, (or even better, provide these as options!) If I'm shopping it's cumbersome to only see 5 or 6 items on the screen at a time and have to continually scroll back and forth. Android supports huge screens with massive resolutions and I was seeing some 20-30 items at a time on far smaller screens on far inferior platforms like Palm devices, YEARS ago.
-check out the Palm platform's Handy Shopper. It really hit the sweet spot of listmakers for me back on my Treo. One of it's best features which OIShoppingLists still lacks was it's extreme levels of sorting, organization, and metadata for list items. For example I could note that Bananas were on Aisle 2 which was the Produce aisle at Food Town and cost .89 cents, but on Aisle 11 which was the Produce/Deli aisle at Food Lion where they cost .79 cents.
-Also, it would be great to only have to enter an item once, ever, and only check and uncheck from then on. So, for example, I would add Bananas to my grocery list, then I would check the "Need" box and if I viewed the "Need" list it would show up. Then, in the Need list, I could check it off when I put it in my cart, (so it would become crossed-out, and sent to the bottom of the list, but still viewable.) Then, when done shopping, I could click Clean Up and it would purge all my checked items from my Need list, but they would remain in my Master list, so the next week, when I needed bananas again, I wouldn't have to type it again, but could just check the Need box from the Master list next to the item Bananas. Cool, right?

Text Edit
-Make the Open dialog call the browseable folder tree in OI File Browser, (like CSV import/export does in Notepad.) Having to type in the location name of the file I'm looking for means I have to first go to a file browser program to remind myself what one of my many text files are called and where it is located.
-Make it able to properly display carriage returns, tabbed indents, and basic symbols like bullets. Other text editors on Android can do it already. Actually, even OIFileViewer can do it properly. Hmm...

-Select All Notes, delete.
-Again, smaller fonts, less vertical wasted space between items.
-CATEGORIES!!!! Palm had this a decade ago in their Notes program- Why is every developer since then dropping the ball!?!? (breathe, breathe. Sorry, just a little personal rant there. Not directed at you guys at all.) Whew! That said, yes, Categories are desperately needed. In fact, the more sortable organization, the better.

And can you develop an Outliner/tree list manager program?!? Pretty pretty please?!? Great examples include Symbian's Projekt, Palm's Shadowplan & Bonsai, Mac's Opal, and many more. You seem to be the group who could get this done in the best way, and it seems to totally fit with your general theme of providing useful, universal apps for Android. Just be sure that you can import/export standard .otln outline files, and even better would be to provide some sort of sync support.

In fact, cross platform sync support of standard filetypes would be another awesome thing you could develop. Support for .csv, .txt, .otln, .xlm, .ics, vCards... ooo, this would be cooooollllll.....

Anyway, those are just my initial dreams. Thanks for listening and I wish you all the best.

Thanks for your long list of suggestions! We have added them to our list of feature requests. Actually, many of your suggestions have been raised before (add categories, smaller font sizes, ...) and we moved them up in priority, so we really want to include them, it is just a matter of us finding the spare time to code them. (A small donation may raise our motivation :-) ).

I am not aware of the "Text Edit" application you mentioned. Are you sure this is an OI application? If it is open source and you can provide some link or contact info, we can collaborate to provide OI File Manager support for that application.

Thanks again for your very ample feedback!


There wasn't a "hint, hint" field on the donation page :-) , but I'd also like to see categories.

The latest version of OI Notepad 1.1.0 already includes tags (instead of categories).

So far this is only a very minimalistic implementation:

  • Long-press on a note in the list of notes, then "edit tags" and enter some tags, separated by comma
  • In the list of notes, enter the starting keys of your tags, e.g. "im" for "important". Then only notes are shown that either contain a word starting with "im" in the title, or contain a tag starting with "im".
    • We hope to improve the implementation of tags in the following ways:

      • auto-complete tags or select tags from list of existing tags when entering them
      • select tags for filtering by clicking somehow somewhere (maybe an additional spinner)

      Feedback as to how you would like to interact with tags is welcome :-)

Hello guys, good work for OI Notepad.

I have just one suggestion about Encrypted notes with OI Safe.
If i have many encrypted notes, how can I find the one I want de decrypt ?
All the name of notes change to "Encrypted" and the tags desappear !!

Thanks, and sorry for my poor english, i am French ;-)


Simply click on any of the encrypted notes so that you are asked for the password. Then you should see all titles and tags of the encrypted notes, as long as you are logged into OI Safe.


I would second the recommendation to look at Handy Shopper as an excellent model. Key missing features from my mind are:
- Reset a list (set or reset the check boxes)
- Hide or move checked items to the end
- Subgroups within lists

I'll make some more comments later, but thanks for the great work. I sent you some money via my wife's paypal account a few minutes ago. I challenge others to contribute as well.

Hi, thanks for your feedback and your donation! We are working on an update to shopping list that will have some of the features that you mention available - especially more options to sort list items. Subgroups within lists is a bit trickier. We were thinking of using tags, and then add "sort by tag" as an additional sort option. That should work similar to subgroups.

Hi, I have only started using OI Shoping List and OI Notepad on my android(HTC Magic) phone.
Both are great tools, thanks and all credit to the OI team.

From what I have used it for and what I would like, here is my list or priority and features that would make OS Shoping List the perfect soft (for me!):

Two main features:
1- Add one field "Note" for each item of a list.
Currently when editing an item (long press on item->Edit Item) there is Tags and Price. Just add a field here called "Note" which would correspond to a small note (small text ara). This field could then be seen by "long press on item->View Item Note"
2- Add a link "Remove item from list and record in gcalendar"
This will allow to keep a record of "work done" to google calendar. This should be easy enough to achieve. I would suggest to look at the code (if available?) from Astrid which has a function to launch the calendar app with prefilled info to add a new event. The pre filled info to pass to the calendar app would consists of : What="Done:Name of item" From="Current Date and Time" To="Current Date and Time" Where="Blank" Description="Done:Name of item/nNote:Item Note(see suggestion1)/nTag:Item Tag"

- for commercial reason, yes you could rename it OS Lists (Seen in a post above) because I do not intend it only for shoping and it could put people off installing it.
- The audio feature extension is great. Would be perfect is you can have a voice note for each item of a list as well as the voice note for the whole shoping list.Just a link "Long press on item->Record Voice Note" and if a voice note is recorded for an item the two extra link will show "Long press on item->Play Voice Note" "Long press on item->Delette Voice Note"

Hope this all makes sense. Thanks again for your work


Thanks for your feedback. I've added it to our list of feature requests.

1. Adding a "note" field could be a straightforward extension.
2. "Remove item from list and record in gcalendar" sounds more complex, but this would be a perfect candidate for an extension.

Regarding the secondary point:
Instead of renaming "OI Shopping list" to "OI Lists", we were thinking of creating a separate application "OI Todo". The basic application would be the same, but the details differ (for example, price only makes sense for shopping lists).

Would people prefer to have two distinct applications like this? Or would people rather like to have one "OI Lists" application that can handle various list types, including "shopping" and "todo"? (my only fear is that a single application that can handle everything may get too complicated for the average user...)