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More Notebook requests

Firstly let me compliment you on the excellent CSV import/export function. It was that which made me uninstall the 'other' popular notepad, and install OI Notepad, and all the other great add-ons like Shopping List, Voice Memo, etc. Great job starting the ecosystem around your popular apps.

My problem arises from how successful that CSV import was - with all 200+ personal notes from Outlook now in OI Notepad, I echo some comments I've read previously that this application was simply not designed for large numbers of notes of any form. Categories may prove useful, but only for a relatively small number of notes.

What I consider a major UI improvement is the ability to quickly filter notes based on a couple of keystrokes, exactly the way it works on the Contacts app. So if you typed 'And', all notes with the 'And' in the title in a whole or partial word will be immediately shortlisted. This is the way the notes application works on blackberry as well.

A secondary feature would be the ability to select a sort order, perhaps one of the following: Alpha (increasing), alpha (decreasing), datetime (increasing), datetime(decreasing), category (if that was ever implemented).

Finally, the holy grail is obviously to sync this to Google Docs or similar, but untill that is finally made available by Google, would it be possible to have scheduled backup (by CSV export) to SD card? The key difference between this and the manually initiated funtion you currently have, is that multiple files (perhaps differentiated by datetime) will need to be automatically generated.

Thanks for your suggestions. While we have most of them already on our list of feature requests, the idea to quickly filter notes based on keystrokes was not there yet, but would be implementable with not too much effort. So I expect the next release to have this feature :-)

Scheduled backup with distinct filenames is also a new feature request, which seems possible with not too much effort.

May I ask if you can use the CSV file from Outlook for notes directly? Because currently the CSV file is compatible to the Palm CSV format. If they are not the same, could you send me a short sample Outlook CSV file, so that we can support that format directly in the future? (you can email it to me or post it at our developer's site , or contact me directly through the contact link in the upper right corner).



I did the following
1) created 2 sample notes in OI Notepad
2) Exported to CSV from OI Notepad as notepad.csv
3) Sent notepad.csv to PC and opened in Excel
4) Exported Outlook notes and opened in Excel
5) Pasted 'Note Body' column in Outlook export to first column of notepad.csv and sorted in reverse alpha
6) Filled down second column of notepad.csv with '0' as per the exported format
7) Put the updated notepad.csv back on the G1 and imported into OI Notepad. Removed test notes.

The whole operation was painless and took maybe 15 minutes. The last row in notepad.csv will be displayed as the first row in OI Notepad, till you start accessing and viewing again.

What I liked was that multiple line notes in Outlook (with Enter Key) appeared as multiple line notes in OI Notepad. That was not the case when I tried another app.
Also important for me was the ability to export notes out of OI Notepad and re-import them into Outlook with no loss of formatting by following these steps in reverse. Again, that was not the case for another app I tried, which inserted special and formatting characters.

The appeal for quick filtering and changing sort orders comes from having used the notes for a few days, when the original alphabetical order has become scrambled.

I have uploaded a sample Outlook export to the developer's group, with multiple-line notes, for your perusal.

The release candidate of Convert CSV 1.0.1-rc1 is now available:

It supports import and export of Outlook notes directly. Please try it out and let me know if it works. (Back up your files before you do that!)
Is note color = 3 the default color? Or is this some special color you have set?

Also, let me mention that the next version of OI Notepad will allow you to type a few letters to filter notes, similar to the contacts list.