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OI Pass kdbx exporter

First, let me say, I love OI Pass. I have never used a password manager before, though, I have thought about it quite a bit. This seemed like the golden opportunity, and it is my most-used app on my g1, other than the actual calling function.

What I would really like to see, is the ability to export to KeePass Password safe for the desktop. I have 2 desktop systems, and a laptop I use, along with my cellphone. It would be nice to be able to hook my cell phone up, and sync to these systems, and keep the passwords up to date.

An even better implementation (to me), would be to take advantage of KeePass's ability to save to a URL, so all systems could point to, and sync off of, the same URL. (It seems this latter implementation could even be accomplished with a new FTP/SFTP OI module, if you wish) :)

Right now, I am exporting my database as a CSV file off the cell phone, and importing it into KeePass. Unfortunately, that does NOT work well with categories. It is kind of a pain, really. I really like this program, just a few features to make it perfect. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. It will be easier to implement a CSV format that is compatible with KeePass, so we will see what we can do there. FTP/SFTP would be more laborious, so we'll see whether there are more users requesting that particular feature.

Honestly, the ability to export/import database is most important. The ability to sync would be really nice, too, in case I have different information on one, than the other... But, the ability to keep them all up to date, without spending 30 minutes editing fields, and moving things around would be the most important.