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Notepad should show first line of encrypted memos


OI Notepad is a really cool app! Instantly imported all of my Palm memos! And it can also encrypt memos which is even better, because I used SecureMemopad on Palm. which does that too.

One thing is very annoying though: When I encrypt memos they are sorted into the list at the beginning (may because of hex code?). This is very confusing.

What is even more confusing:
When OI Safe is not open, no titles for encrypted memos are shown. While this might be more secure, I really don't like it. Why don't you show the first line of the memo as title (like it is done for non-encrypted memos) also when they are encrypted? Just encrypt line 2 - n.
I guess this should be configurable and be off by default.
Another benefit from NOT encrypting the first line: You don't have to decrypt all memos once Safe is open (eg you click on an encrypted memo and log in). In my case this takes about 5-6 seconds, which is really annoying.

Hope this gets fixed. Other than that I really love the concept of the OI apps!


Hi Felix,

Thanks for your feedback. It is a known bug that encrypted notes are not sorted correctly , and we want to fix that.

But I also like your suggestion to have an option to keep titles unencrypted. I think it does not matter so much what the default value should be. I can imagine that some people feel more secure if the titel is encrypted as well, so this could be the default setting.

Have you noticed that this version also allows to add tags? (Long-press on an item in the list for the context menu). Also tags are encrypted by default, so you can not see them, and they have to be decrypted before being displayed. Would you also like the tags to be stored in a non-encrypted form?


Oh, I was about to write that I didn't use tags so far, but just noticed that I actually already did. I used the palm importer and the category was written to the tag.

Yes, I think that tags should also be optionally stored in decrypted form. This makes finding the correct note much easier (I have several 100 notes). I think it should also be off by default to not disclose sensitive information by accident.

Btw: Will there be a bug tracker here on openintents like there was on Google Code? Kind of hard to find/file open issues currently.

*EDIT: Ok, I just found the project on Google Code:
Isn't that getting a little confusing with all the projects in one big issue list?

Regarding the bug tracker, you can either click on Grid to see the issues separated in various stacks, or add stack:safe to your search to only see issues that are related to OI Safe. In order to keep the list sane, we keep feature requests separately.