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OI Safe access without keyboard

Android has a feature called the "screen unlock pattern" (Settings -> Security & Location) where you trace a particular pattern on a 3x3 grid of dots in order to unlock it. If this is available as a library function to call (even if screen unlock is currently turned off), that might be an easy way to make passwords accessible without having to open the keyboard when you just want to look up your password for a given web site.

It is a nice suggestion. Unfortunately I don't see an easy way how to include that lock in our application. Although the source is open, it seems to be tied tightly with the system lock. One could extract the source code and use that.

The second part to the problem is that your password is actually used to encrypt the internal master key - that is without the password even OI Safe itself can not access any of the data. (nor can Notepad).
But that could be solved by encrypting the key with the encoded pattern. Something to think about...

The latest version of OI Safe 1.1.0 contains a touch key pad.