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OI Convert CSV fails to import shopping list from GMail

I tried sending myself mail at GMail with an attached CSV file. When I requested preview, CSV came up and offered me "Convert CSV to Notepad" and "Convert CSV to Shopping list" options. I selected the latter, and have an OI Convert CSV dialog with file path "content://gmail-ls/messages/[my gmail account]/8/attachments/0.1/BEST/false". When I press Import, I get "file not found". Very close-- just need to get that last step working!


Currently, OI Convert CSV only supports import from / export to files (located on the SD card). These have a file name like "file:///sdcard/shopping.csv". GMail seems to present the file through a content provider, so this is currently not supported.

I've added this to our list of feature requests.

In the mean-time, try to save the file to the SD card. Then you can access it in OI Convert CSV (and more conveniently using OI File manager).

Preview doesn't give me an option for it, nor does tapping or press-and-hold on the attachment.

As a quick solution, it seems people download attachments using GMail in the browser. You should find the file then on your SD card.

We will work on a solution so that you can open the CSV files directly with preview from the GMail application, but it may take some time.