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OI Safe - Jump to entry

I currently have around 250 entries in my database. It is really time consuming to scroll to the correct entry. So my feature request would be:

Allow to jump alphabetically in the list by pressing buttons on the keyboard. Eg if I press "o" on the keyboard, I want the list to jump to the first entry beginning with a "o".

Even cooler would be some kind of "search". So if I have the following list:


and I press "o" and then "p" it jumps to openintents.

This last part is nice but not a must have. I'd rather see jumping by one letter sooner than later.


PS: You can see that in the Contacts for example.

We have a similar feature already in OI Notepad, and we want to include this also in OI Safe. It is only a matter of time.

Would you like that this works within one category, or would you like this feature to work across all categories?

Within a category would suffice for me. I only have the category "all" ;-)