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Password Sage compatibility

Hello. I would like to know if OI Safe uses Password Safe v3 format. I mean, is it possible to use the same file from PC to Android and back to PC etc..

Currently, OI Safe does not directly support the Password Safe v3 format. For now, you could import and export passwords in a CSV file to import, so you could manually edit the Excel file.

We want to include import / export support for Password Safe in the future, though.


Did an export to see the structure.

Afterwards I just added some lines saved and tried to import, but getting the message: "First line is missing fields". I didn´t change the first line.

So I tried to export, deleted all data in OI Safe and imported, it was working. Did the same again, openend the csv with Word 2003 and saved, afterwards the import failes, but I didn´t change anything at all..

So, there is a problem with saving the file as csv.. Did I miss something while saving the file?



Could you send a sample of your modified files directly to a developer so that we can have a look at it? peli0101 (at) googlemail (dot) com .

It may be that Word 2003 adds additional special characters. Please try either Excel or Notepad, or Notepad++.