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Obscura for Android™

Download: Obscura-1.0.0.apk

Obscura stores your private images safely. Obscura is a picture safe for Android.

Obscura requires OI Safe to encrypt images.

Features include:

  • Secure images with the same master key and password as OI Safe.
  • Encryption of images using Trivium encryption (using the estreamJ implementation).
  • Based on the Gallery picture viewer from the recent Cupcake release.

The free trial version is limited to 10 encrypted images. You can upgrade to the full version by buying a license from Android Market or from

IMPORTANT: please back up the master key of OI Safe by entering OI Safe and pressing menu > more > backup. Otherwise you will not be able to recover your photos after a phone reset.

By default, encrypted images are not shown. They appear in separate buckets.

Tap on a safe bucket and enter your password in OI Safe.

The encrypted images are decrypted on-the-fly.

All encrypted images are stored in a separate bucket.

Press menu to access the familiar commands from Android's Gallery. Choose "Decrypt" to remove the encryption. The image will appear in the default bucket.

To encrypt an image, open the image and press menu > Encrypt. The picture moves to the bucket of encrypted images.