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OI Notepad - How to export encrypted notes (and use them)

I'm new to OI Notepad. It's a handy software coupled with OI safe.
However, if I'm not wrong there is no way to sync notes with a desktop application (or google app).
Hence, I'm trying to find out how to make a backup copy on the desktop.
For unencrypted notes, the CSV output works. If I first unencrypt notes by entering the password on the device, and then export to the SD card, the resulting file still has the notes encrypted.
This would be fine if I had a way to decrypt the notes on the desktop, but otherwise, what can I do if, for example, my device is lost or hard-resetted ?
Am I missing some simple way to backup encrypted notes? If not, a new feature would be desirable.


You need the following to back up your notes:
1) Back up the master key in OI Safe. (menu > Backup). Copy the oisafe.xml file to your computer.
2) Back up the notes using OI Convert CSV. Notes will be backed up in encrypted form. Copy notepad.csv to your computer.
3) Remember your OI Safe master password (or put it into another safe place).

To recover your notes:
1) Copy oisafe.xml and notepad.csv from your computer to your SD card.
2) If you launch OI Safe for the first time after a new installation, and oisafe.xml is present, you have an additional button "Restore".
3) Press "Restore" and enter your old OI Safe master password.
4) Import your notes using OI Convert CSV.
5) You can access them again with your master password.

There is no application yet to decrypt notes on the desktop, but I just put it on our list of feature requests. Also, a way to back up unencrypted notes could be a new feature that I put into our list of feature requests.


Very clear answer. This helps.
thanks also for considering an app to open encrypted notes on the desktop. I personally used that a lot in the past
and I think it would be a great plus.

I am very interested in an application for decrypting an OI Safe file from a desktop.

I want to use OISafe as my master password repository but be able to use it from desktops in order to be able to copy & paste user ids and complex passwords. Since I can't always connect my phone, I need to be able to e-mail the database in an encrypted format (OISafe.xml or an encrypted version of OISafe.csv that I can decrypt from the desktop).

Ultimately it would be nice to have a desktop version of OI Safe, and in both versions of OI Safe the ability to sync changes in an external, encrypted file.