Black Screen with SensorSimulator

I'm sorry for my last post. I don't want to put there. The question is the next:


What is the problem when I run SensorSimulator into my Android simulator? :

When I pulse on OpenIntents --> Settings --> Sensor Simulator, It doesn't work and screen changes a black color (as like as the application doesn't run well).

And the screen of your example (IP & port configuration), I haven't found it.

I'm using GoogleMaps? + Android Simulator 1.5.

Thanks a lot.

It is a known problem of the emulator of SDK 1.5. Using sensors crashes on the emulator, but works fine on the real device.

It is mentioned in the release notes under "known issues":

See discussions here:


Thanks for your answer.

But, what's the solution ? I have red the webs that you posted me and nobody run well the simulator with Android JDK.

I have only red something about "virtual box", but I don't know about these.

Could you say me another Android JDK that it works well ?

Thanks again.

Currently, sensors are not supported in the emulator. In order to use the SensorSimulator, you can simply comment out all direct function calls to Android Sensor classes, and only use the SensorSimulator.
At some point we will update the SensorSimulator, but I can give no promise when this will happen. It is faster to do it yourself.