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OI Shopping List - Deduplicate suggestion list.

When entering an item into the shopping list, it brings up suggestions as you type. This feature is great. However, for some items, I have several copies of the same item that appears on the suggestion list, which often negate the usefulness of this feature.

For example, if I go to OI Shopping List, and start typing "Mint Sauce", as soon as I've entered "Mi" I see 7 entries for "Milk" suggested, more than entirely filling the suggestions list. As I only actually have 3 unique items on the suggestions list that begin with "Mi", it would be nice to just see those 3, rather than the list being spammed with duplicate entries.

My feature request is to automatically deduplicate the suggestions on entering a new item. This could easily be done by only adding an entry to the suggestion list, when entering an item, if it doesn't already exist in it. Or perhaps a button to automatically clean up the list.

Is there a way to manually remove duplicate entries?

I would like to have an option to delete any item (not just duplicates) from the main suggestion list without having to add it to a shopping list first.

Thank you both for your suggestions. I've added them to our list of feature requests: