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OI Countdown: periodic beep, beep before finishing, clone


First of tall, thanks for your nice set of applications.

Sometimes I'm developing b/w film, and during this process I need to agitate the tank every 30 or 60 seconds during 7-12 minutes. Thus, here's a feature request:

-- Option to add a periodic beep during the countdown. The period should be tunable of course.

-- Option to beep N seconds before the end. It is sometimes useful to know that the process will stop in 15 seconds or so.

-- Also it would be very useful to be able to clone the timers, then the editing would be much faster.

I'm a Perl developer, but probably I'll find the time to try this myself...

You can already do something like what you want in OI Countdown, but it is not easy to set up. As Perl developer, you may appreciate it :-)

1) Create 3 countdowns, and call them A, B, and C (to keep overview)
2) Menu > Settings > Notification timeout > 2 seconds (so that the periodic beep is not too long)
3) Timer A: Set this to 12 minutes. Set action > Automation task > OI Countdown > Stop countdown "B"
4) Timer B: Set this to 30 seconds. Set action > Automation task > OI Countdown > Start countdown "C"
5) Timer C: Set this to 0 seconds. Set action: Start countdown "B"
6) Set different ringtones for A and C so that you can differentiate between periodic and final beep.

Now, launch A and B at the same time. It should work as desired.

Info: The timer C is necessary - otherwise if timer B started itself it would immediately quit the notification, so one would not hear it.

If you want to develop something better, you are welcome to help us here: