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OI Shopping List - Ability to share Items among lists

I just downloaded the application and it is very nice!, the best of 6 I've tried for shopping lists. Good Job!
I think it would be even better if I could share items among lists when I pick items.

I like to have:
A list called baby, for all my baby stuff
A list called household: for cleaning supplies, soap, toothpaste

Then a list per store:
Natural Store and I can pick baby, supplier or any other type of items
Grocery store and I can also pick from any items.

I gues they would be lists of items and lists for action
From a list for action I can pick items from any list of items.

Thanks for your suggestion. What you suggest sounds a bit complicated to set up for the average user (relations between lists), so either this is simplified (like to pick items from any list), or it could become an extension. If other people need similar functionality, please describe your use cases here, so that we can see what would be the best way of implementing this.

HandyShopper (the gold standard, for Palm had this (but slightly differently). You set up some Stores (Drug store, grocery, 7-11, Target, hardware, bookstore, etc.) and then when making your list(s) you could assign (multiple) stores to items. So for Q-tips you'd assign drug, grocery, Target. Then while shopping you select which store you're at, and see all the items available at that store. Positively brilliant.

Definitely check out HS for ideas, it was the killer app for shopping on Palm and people still love it. It also had aisles, categories, auto-delete or not, dated items, and tons of other stuff I never used :-) but lots of flexibility with almost no user overhead so it was still dead simple to use.