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OI Shopping list

I use tab for aisle number. Would be useful to have specific field for this. To sort into aisle number I use numbers 1-9 and then A10, B11...F15.

2. Tag takes extra line - to save space would be better if it showed as a column.

3. Desparately needs search capability for pick list in order to quickly add items. Alphabetical sort not sufficient.

See HandyShopper for Palm which I used to use on my Palm Treo 650. Has all the features you need. I now need same on HTC Hero. This app is the closest I have found.


Thanks for your valuable feedback. I've added it to our list of feature requests.

After trying out a multitude of shopping list apps, I find that OI Shopping list is the closest to being useful. This app just screams to have the facililty to number the items and be able to sort on those numbers. Shopping for more than one item is a sequencial event and requires numerical order. Shopping alphabetically is inane.
Either individual item numbers, or group numbers such as an aisle number allows the shopper to number the items according to how they shop within a given store (back to front, right to left, etc.), that way the shopper can move throught the store in an organized fashion. If the store moves the typical location of an item, simply change the item's number to represent the new location. The app would also need the ability to sort both alphabetically to make out one's shopping list, and sort numerically to actually direct the shopping sequence.
All items placed on the list should remain on the list and simply checked when needed and unchecked when placed in the basket. There should still be multiple lists for multiple stores or multiple types of stores. This should be a simple To Do List of those things we do over and over again.
There needs to be 2 buttons at the bottom of the list, one, a SORT to quickly reorganize the list according to how one is using the list, and a second button for EDIT where the text screen comes up to, add, subtact, number/renumber items, along with price, quantity etc.