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OI Shopping List - import/export CSV with Tags

This is a great app; but I was just wondering if you have any plan to update the Import/Export function to include the Tag fields from the OI Shopping Lists please?

I agree great app importing tags would allow you to separate recipes...thanks!


Import export only includes the item name and the list it is on. Inclusion of all other fields would greatly enhance the program. I have an 800 item shopping list already including category (e.g, tag), and am looking for a program that will allow import.

OI Convert CSV 1.1.0 together with OI Shopping List 1.3.0 will be able to export tags, prices, and quantity in the HandyShopper format.

Currently, the release candidate is available:

Please test them and let us know of any bugs you find.

The final version will be available in Market within a few days.