OI Convert CSV won't complete import of notes from Outlook

I'm trying to import about 1400 notes from Outlook and OI ConvertCSV doesn't process them before the Droid reports the application hung. It's not actually hung - it imports many notes, but not all. Trying again imports duplicate notes.

Weaknesses of OI Notepad:

-There's no indication of how many notes are in the system

-There's no apparent way to delete all notes and start fresh

-Encryption is note-by-note; I'm not going to encrypt 1400 notes one at a time. Just plain not going to be able to do it.

-There's no way to sync with an off-phone service or program (Outlook would be ideal). I have seen the method for backing up encrypted notes, but if you decide to move off of the Android platform after breaking/losing/theft of your phone, you can't ever get your notes back.

I have been managing these notes efficiently on PalmOS for years. I'm surprised that there's not an equivalent solution for Android.


I have a 90 contacts in Outlook. Exported these contacts as a CSV (Windows) file.

Moved the file to the SD card/Notes

Opened the OI File Manger, finger tap on the file and selected Convert CSV to Notepad.

CSV File Format: MS Outlook Notes

Imported Convert all notes

Sorry! The application OI Convert CSV (process org.openintents.convertcsv) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

My only option is 'Force Close'.

I have a Motorola Droid with the latest Android OS.

Please note that currently only Outlook Notes are supported, not Outlook Contacts. You can only import CSV files into OI Notepad or OI Shopping List.

Would you like to import your contacts into OI Notepad? In order to fix the error message, could you send us a short sample CSV file that crashes the app?

Hello- OI notes only seems to import about 1/2 of the notes in my CVS file? Any hints on this behavior- it seems to hang half way through the 800 outlook notes I have- thanks