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OI Shopping List - Feature Requests

Hi, I'd like to first say thank you for creating these awesome free apps! OI is doing amazing work!

Can I make some feature requests for OI Shopping List?

1. When I've imported a CSV, it makes all of the items show up in the list. I've had to click Menu > Pick items, then manually uncheck each of the items so they aren't displayed. Would it be possible to add a long-press option to uncheck all items? Might balance it to have an option to check all items too. That way, when creating or importing new lists, you won't have to manually uncheck each item.

2. Currently, I have shopping lists that are broken out by category. Each category list corresponds to different sections in the grocery store (dairy, frozen, non food, produce, etc.). Since I pick different items in each list, I have to constantly change lists to check off the different items. Would it be possible to have an option in the list dropdown called "All Lists," which when clicked, displays all selected items in each list category? That way, you can just check off items from every list without having to move between them. Maybe look something like this:

Anyway, thanks again for the great product!

Thanks for the feature requests, and for your pre-populated grocery list at

I've added your suggestions to our (already lengthy) list of feature requests:

Wow didn't realize it was that extensive! Looking forward to seeing some of that stuff come to fruition :D

Number 20 (swipe) would be RAD.