OI News Reader

OI News Reader ready for the market.

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Get the latest news to your phone with the OpenIntents News Reader. Subscribe to popular feeds or add your favourite blog and be always up-to-date. Feeds are automatically updated. Offline reading possible.

The main screen list all feeds you have subscribed to. It allows to select feeds by categories and to search for feeds by just typing parts of is title.

After selecting a feed the list of locally stored feed messages are shown. Use menu "Update" to get the latest news or wait for the background service to do it for you.

The feed message is linked with a web site. If you are online you will directed to the corresponding site, if not the full message is shown in a browser like view. Use left or right button to go to the next message.


The Open Intents NewsReader is also available at

Release notes

release: 1.1.1
date: 2010-05-16

- Allow UTF-8 encoding in settings.
- Fix problem with Google ads.
- Minor improvements on menu icons.
- Fix crash after returning from browser on low memory.

release: 1.1.0
date: 2010-04-05

- Add Google ads on main screen.

release: 1.0.7
date: 2008-10-28

- fix bug: crash when clicking "Show advanced settings"

release: 1.0.6
date: 2008-10-27

- fix bug with resources when uploading to Android Market

release: 1.0.5
date: 2008-10-27

New features:
- Show version number in About box.

Bug fixes:
- Problem with background service fixed.