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How can I back up my data?

You can use MyBackup Pro or OI Convert CSV or the build-in backup menus

OI Notepad:
Use OI Convert CSV or MyBackup Pro.

OI Safe:
Use menu > Backup, or menu > Export, or MyBackup Pro.
* Use menu > Backup to properly back up your passwords and master key for later recovery in an encrypted format.
* Use menu > Export to export all passwords to a plain readable CSV file.
* Also keep the master password in a safe place.
* See also:
How can I recover encrypted notes or photos after a phone reset?
How can I transfer my passwords to another phone?

OI Shopping List:
Use OI Convert CSV or MyBackup Pro.
* OI Convert CSV with "MS Outlook Tasks" format does not export quantity, price, and tag information.
* OI Convert CSV with "HandyShopper" format exports all fields, but you have to export each list separately.
* MyBackup Pro saves all the information.