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OI FILEMANAGER - Image bug - multi Select - apk icon support - open as text - default theme - open with

Hi there, brilliant clean and quick apps! Sorry for being greedy but figured that there's no harm in asking. I've placed my requests by order of importance.

Image bug-
When a large image is selected and i press and hold to reach the options menu to delete, move or copy etc. sometimes the thumbnail is too large for me to see the options below (i have a small screen and lower resolution device). In this situation, the thumbnail dominates the screen and no options can be selected - this is very frustrating as i have to use another filemanager to delete, move or copy the file.

Multi select -
would be great to be able to highlight several files in a directory for editting tasks (rm, cp, mv etc). Atm, there is an orange bar on the left to show that a aingle item is highlighted - it would be great if this could be expanded, for instance with another colour to allow several files to be marked before a manipulation.

default theme-
I have just updated to 1.4 and really don't like the new colors and icons - it would be nice to have the choice to go back to the original grey. A choice on the size of text/icons would be helpful

open as text-
files that don't have any filetype specified cannot be opened in OI flemanager. A default "open as text" via OI notepad would be very helpful for this situation as lots of linux files contain text but have no extension.

Apk icon support-
It would be helpful if apk files showed the application's thumbnail

open with-
a menu to select which specific app or command to use with the file.

Thanks, and sorry again for being greedy. OI apps are some of the best coded, most reliable and cleanest apps i have come across on android - keep up the good work!

Thanks for your valuable feedback!

Please add your suggestions to our new feedback forum, putting each suggestion into a separate entry.

We will try to work through this list in the near future, starting from the top (entries with most votes).

i have added the relevant suggestions. As with the bug reports it might be an idea to close down these forums as currently seems like a lot of hoops to jump through. Thanks though.

Thanks for adding your suggestions, and sorry for the double work.

I've added now new links to the feedback forum, the issue tracker, and the developers discussion group on the forum descriptions:

I don't want to fully close down the forums here, as they provide valuable information from the past, and not every user will provide as clean and informative bug reports as you did - so sometimes it is better to first discuss with the users before things can be put in the correct place.