OI Shopping List - Sort by store aisle order

When I go to a supermarket store I need to go through by main aisles when my shopping list items are.

It would be great if OI Shopping List could sort items by the item aisles.

JShopper had a column for an aisle number for each item and you can sort the list by aisle number. This is better but not ideal. Associating numbers to aisles is not helpful unless you memorized all items aisle numbers. Also it only allows one aisle number per item. Different stores may have items in aisles that you need to go by a different order.


In OI Shopping List I already assign categories to each item. Assuming that a category corresponds to an aisle on each store, it would be great if we can have a screen to define the order aisle categories for each store.

Actually it would be ideal if we could have different lists of category aisles, one for each store that we may go. The order of aisles in Walmart is different from supermarket stores of other companies.

Once we have defined the stores aisle order, we could tell the application to use a given store aisle order to sort the list of items to pick up.