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Sensor Simulator 2.0 - New features

What’s new in Sensor Simulator 2.0?

  • Supported sensors: accelerometer, orientation, magnetic field, light, temperature, proximity, pressure, linear acceleration, gravity, rotation vector and gyroscope.
  • One can record a scenario from a real device.
  • User can create a scenario from scratch (and also edit it).
  • It is also possible to play a scenario in the simulator (and therefore it is visible in the emulator too).
  • The scenario can be saved and loaded.
  • The simulator comes with a new (blue) interface :-).

The Interface

Upper side (1) is composed of menu buttons: Sensor Simulator, Telnet, Settings and Help.
Left side (2) contains the classic device representation, enabled sensors output and information about server IPs.
Right side (3) has 4 tabs:

Sensors Tab
* Here one can choose only sensors that he wants to work with, named enabled sensors.
* Predefined existing sensors for some kind of devices.

Scenario Simulator Tab
A. Menu buttons create/load/save have the expected behaviour. Steps for recording:
* Press “Record” button from the desktop application
* Open SensorRecordFromDevice.apk
* Fill in the server ip address
* Select sensors to record
* Press record from the android activity (now device states are saved into the current scenario – you can play your game and meanwhile the moves are recorded)
* To stop press “Stop recording” from the desktop application or “Stop” from the Android activity

B. Here is a detailed view of one selected state from the scenario. The user can copy the current sensor simulator state to scenario selected state.
C. This part represents the scenario .

* add a new similar state after the current one

* edit the chosen state

D. This region contains playback information.
* Those mark positions between which the scenario will play.

* Here one can change the time intervals between two consecutive states. Also you can set the distance in time between intermediary states (not visible into the scenario, but generated when playing)

Quick Settings Tab
* Here quick settings can be made for sensors that allow it.

Sensor Specific Tab
* Here one can find advanced details/settings about a sensor.
* sensor information

More details can be found on the wiki page.