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OI Notepad

OpenIntents Notepad for Android™.

Download: Notepad-

The OpenIntents Notepad is based on Google's open source sample application Notepad that is provided with the Android SDK.
OI Notepad allows to create, edit, send, and delete notes.

Further features include:

  • Send notes: In the list of notes, long-press on a note to see the context menu.
  • Add tags.
  • Filter notes: in the list of notes press a few letters to filter the list.
  • Sort notes alphabetically, or by modification date.
  • Open files from SD card or save files to SD card.


The following extensions are available:

OI Notepad works together with the following applications:


The following themes are available for OI Notepad:


  • Notes are stored in internal memory by default. You should back up your notes to the SD card either by saving notes individually (in the list of notes, long-press on a note and select "Save to SD card"), or by exporting all notes to a .CSV file using OI Convert CSV. Otherwise you may loose all your notes if you reset your phone.
  • If you encrypt notes please back up the master key of OI Safe by entering OI Safe and pressing menu > more > backup. Otherwise you will not be able to recover your notes after a phone reset.

The main screen just shows the list of notes ordered by modification date. The title is taken from the first line of the notes.

A note is shown on white background with blue lines to visualize how long the note is.

Notes can be sent using your preferred installed mail client.

Release notes

release 1.3
date: 2012-02-18
- PLEASE READ THIS: The font size has been adjusted for high-density devices. Please use menu > settings > font size to set the desired size (see issue 435)

Thanks to Google Code-in for many of the following patches:
(see )

- setting for marquee for long titles (issue 266, Google Code-in task by Aviral Dasgupta)
- added delete confirmation (issue 363, Google Code-in task by Shuhao)
- sort tags (issue 265, Google Code-in task by Shuhao)
- shortcut for adding notes (Google Code-in task by Żyła)
- share note directly from note editor (issue 417, Google Code-in task by Shuhao)
- save cursor and selection position when note is closed (Google Code-in task by Aviral Dasgupta)
- fixed pressing note icon in OI Shopping List crashes OI Notepad (issue 434, Google Code-in task by Neis)
- apply marquee setting immediately (issue 405, Google Code-in task by Daniel Huang)
- support for ActionBar (patch by Menno Vogel)
- Character / word counter (issue 456, Google Code-in task by Chickenbellyfinn)
- fix crashing of encrypted notes on Android 3.0+

- new icons and translations by Google Code-in students

release: 1.2.3
date: 2011-05-28
- sort by creation date or modification date (patch by Maciek)
- support external notes (from OI Shopping List)

release: 1.2.2
date: 2011-02-05
- new application icon for Android 2.0 or higher, with original design by VisualPharm.
- allow app installation on external storage (requires Android 2.2 or higher)
- support Android 2.3.
- translations into various languages.

release: 1.2.1
date: 2010-02-22
- new font size "tiny" (for Droid users).

release: 1.2.0
date: 2010-02-21
- add search system-wide search (has to be activated
in home > settings > search > searchable items >
OI Notepad).
- add full-text search within notepad.
- add filter for tags in list of notes.
- don't change modification time when only viewing note.
- new preference for font size.
- support external themes.
- set theme optionally for all lists.
- fix bugs with encrypted notes:
revert menu and extensions like OI Insert date
- fix revert menu button logic
- translations: Finnish, Italian, Korean, Lao, Romanian,

release: 1.1.3
date: 2009-11-11
- translations: Dutch, French, German, Spanish
- create shortcut for a note from Launcher
- save to SD card possible directly from note
- don't automatically import notes from SD card
but edit in place.
- when saving to SD card, show a warning dialog
before overwriting an existing file.
- keep cursor position (or selection) when
changing screen orientation.
- when entering tags, show list of existing tags
- hide Update menu item if Android Market or
aTrackDog are present.
- compatible with various screen sizes.
- add fast scroll bar.
- hide Update menu item if Market or
aTrackDog are present.
- add support for MyBackup Pro.

release: 1.1.1
date: 2009-05-16


release: 1.1.0
date: 2009-02-02

- upgrade Content Provider with new fields:
tags, encrypted, theme
- support for encrypted notes through CryptoIntents
(requires Android Password Safe or compatible)
- tags for notes.
- quickly filter notes by typing the first letters;
searches through title and tags.
- open .txt files from SD card and save .txt files
to SD card.
- prepare for permissions to access notes
(but don't activate them yet).
- support for OI About.

release: 1.0.2
date: 2008-12-10

- allow alternative menus that affect the whole list
of notes. Allows support for ConvertCSV.

release: 1.0.1
date: 2008-11-21

- removed Internet permission
- fix for lost note on screen lock
- revert twice to undo last revert
- broadcast changes to database so that extensions
like VoiceNotes can listen.

release: 1.0.0
date: 2008-10-29

- First public release on Android SDK 1.0.

- Create, edit, delete notes.
- Send note.

Difference from the original Android SDK version:
- Fixed bug in connection with orientation change.
- Automatically pick title from first line of note.
Drop title editor.