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OpenIntents application in the Android Market

Since Oct 27, 2008, we have the first three OpenIntents application in the Android Market.

The OI News Reader helps you get the latest news to your phone. The OI Shopping list allows you to keep track of your shopping items or create a ToDo list. And the OI Flashlight is a small application that allows you to find your way in the dark by keeping the devices backlight turned on.

Of course, there is also the ADC top 50 winner SplashPlay in the Android Market.

We will upload more applications over time and improve the existing ones thanks to your feedback, so be sure to check back this site frequently!


I can't find the source code to these anywhere: not in the downloads or the google code site. The OI ___ naming gives the impression that they're part of the OpenIntents open source project, but, if so, where's the source?

If they're not open source, and thus, not really part of the OI project, shouldn't they NOT inclued OI in the name?

The source code for OI Flashlight, OI Countdown, OI Notepad, OI Shopping list, OI Update, and OI Voice Notes is available here:

SplashPlay and Timesheet have been created by the same team of developers, but have not been open sourced. That is why they don't carry "OI" in their name.

OI Newsreader is a special case: It had been open source (you can still find an older version in the repository ), but we had to make it closed source during the final stages of the Android Developer Challenge for legal reasons.
In principle, we want to make Newsreader open source again, but simply we didn't have time to do that yet (clean up and prepare the code for the public).

Let me know if you were looking for the code of anything else that I forgot to mention here.