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OI File Manager and new extensions

We are happy to announce the OI File Manager. It supports easy navigation through your folders on your SD card, and basic functions like rename, move, delete. A nice feature is the "Send" command that allows you to send files as attachements. The great news for developers is that it contains pick intents for files and folders: third party applications can use the OI File Manager to display an "Open file", "Save file", or "Select directory" activity.

The following extensions are now on the Market: OI Voice Notes is an extension for OI Notepad and OI Shopping List and allows to record and play a voice memo attached to a note or shopping list. The second extension is OI Convert CSV that lets you import and export notes or shopping lists to CSV files. Shopping list CSV files can be imported in Excel or Outlook. Notes are compatible to the Palm CSV format. Furthermore, Convert CSV lets you use the OI File Manager to select import or export files.

PS: Since we have seen many confused posts on the Market, let us point out the following: THE EXTENSIONS WILL NOT LAUNCH BY THEMSELVES. The extensions will show up as additional menu entries in OI Notepad and OI Shopping list (either directly, or through the menu / More command). Please help to spread this information in the Market comment section :-)


Hello Peli,

Would it be possible to make the extensions present the user with an information screen when opened like a normal app or would this interfere with how the extensions operate when used properly?

Hi. It would be possible to add such an information screen. The drawback would be that the extension would then also appear in your main list of applications. Since we plan to provide more extensions in the future, we don't want to clutter this main application folder with a lot of extensions.

Unfortunately, we checked with the Android team. Currently it is not possible to present such an information screen from the Installer, and not have the icon appear in the main list of applications. They are linked. The installer just calls whatever icon can be pressed from the main drawer of applications.

Of course, if many people think it would be better to have an info screen and don't mind if their home screen is filled with extensions, we could also do that, but I doubt that this would be the best way. But we are always open to feedback.


I've tried every way I can think to create a CSV file and CSV Convert says all are the wrong format. Could someone provide the super-double-secret instructions for creating a file that works? Is there a maximum size for the CSV files?

First create a couple of dummy entries and export the data to a CSV file. Then you can see the CSV file format you have to use.


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