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Barcode Scanner Plugin for OI Shopping List

Many users have been asking for this feature - finally we have it: Barcode OI Plugin lets you scan items directly into your OI Shopping List. Scan your item again to check it off your list! Currently, UPC barcodes are automatically resolved. European EAN codes are not yet supported, but you can enter a custom description for barcodes that can not be resolved, and the plugin will remember them.

This extension works with OI Shopping List.


I just found the OI List and the OI Barcode application which is exactly what I wanted.
Unfortunatly the barcode scanning is quite useless at the moment as I live in Sweden, Europe
and most barcodes I tried does not translate.

Do you have any estimated timeplan if and when support for European EAN codes will be
included in the OI Barcode application ?

Reply to "mrzaz" user in the forum.

//Dan Lundqvist
Stockholm, Sweden